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It is official! Verizon is selling Apple's iPhone

The news is here and it couldn't have come any sooner. Verizon is selling Apple's iPhone using Verizon's service thereby now having the best cell service with the best cell phone made. The phones are to sell at $199 for a 16 gigabyte phone and $299 for a 32 gigabyte phone.

This ends AT&T's tight grip on the iPhone market and a welcome change for people who own an AT&T iphone who have complained about dropped calls and large bills for years. AT&T has said is spending big money to upgrade their infrastructure but to many customers this may be too little too late as Verizon has come to save the day.

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Seems like everyone has a cell phone these days. They are getting cheaper and smaller and cheaper and more and more options are available as well. Some can play MP3's and some can take videos. Samsung, Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Cingular, Virgin, and the list goes on and on. What to do and where to go is the problem. You can start right here. There plently of great deals and great offers to find. There was a time when you had to sign up for a three year, a four year, and even a five year contract. Well that is no longer. You can sign up for great phone service at the best prices for a two year contract, a one year contract, and even pay month to month. Yes, even month by month. It's easy to find the best cell phone service.

It seems like just yesterday we were using the typical landline phone and getting all excited about the new technology of wireless phones that allowed you to ACTUALLY walk around the house with no chord; yes even venture 10 to 15 feet outside of your house as well. Wow! Have times changed. You can take your phone around with you wherever you go. Go international. Fly, travel, and visit the world. Go anywhere you want. Your cell phone can be not just used as you travel but it becomes useful. Yes, it has become a useful device indeed.

The cell phone is not just a phone to talk to someone or receive phone calls. The cell phone has become much more than that. You can surf the web, surf the Internet, browse anything you want. Go shopping online. Find a map or directions. Get an explanation in the form of a dictionary or a thesaurus. Plan your month ahead with a calendar that can alert you (with sounds) when a special day or time is about to happen. Use it as a watch. Take pictures. Take videos and then uplaod them to the web. Text message your friends and family. Play games alone or with friends or family. It's a computer. It's a daily planner. It's a time keeper. It's a camera, a clock, an email device, an alarm, and much more.

There are so many plans to choose from but you should basically know this. Just about every company has a similar plan. So deciding which company to use shouldn't be a big deal. Just about every company will offer you about 450 minutes for $39 before tax and fees. After tax and fees it should come out to about $48 to $50. Than there is 900 minutes for about $59 before tax and fees. After tax and fees this would come out to about $69 to $74. And there are two more levels above that but it's all about the same wherever you go.

One thing is for sure, one of the greatest phones ever made - the Apple iphone - is now for sale from Verizon, which has the best coverage in the nation. A recent Consumer's Reports survey found Verizon with the most customer satisfation of any of the carriers. So when you think of the best cell phone service and the best cell phones, you think of the Verizon iphone. This is a no brainer. The best cell phone service is Verizon and the best cell phone out there is the iphone. Period.

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